What Injures the Hive Injures the Bee

Do we become hard-hearted, selfish, colder as we age? Is it inevitable that we lose our idealism along with our hair? I have witnessed many contemporaries and those a little older become increasingly conservative and cynical.

On the other hand, perhaps we can grow in flavor and robustness like a fine wine as it ages. We can grow in wisdom, understanding, kindness, perspective. That was my vision for myself when I was young. The meditative guru.

I remember a vision given to me many years ago. I had opened a door with some trepidation about what was behind it. There were stairs. I went down the steps into a cellar. Suddenly with me were people of every race, creed, probably sexuality. A mass of humanity partying with dancing, music, dare I say, fellowship. I was invited in. I realized that we are all connected as children of God.

The headline of this post comes from philosopher/emperor Marcus Aurelius. “What injures the hive, injures the bee.” He understood. We are all connected. If we are not working together, then the people we injure just may be ourselves.

Be kind. To yourself and to others. Gain perspective. Don’t withdraw into a selfish shell. Grow in wisdom. Help build the hive.

One Response to “What Injures the Hive Injures the Bee”

  1. Dick Says:

    Very profound and so well stated!

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