Go With The Flow

Sometimes things don’t go the way I’d have preferred. Sometimes people will apologize for a mistake or not getting things right which may cause a change in my plan.

I’ll usually say, “I teach Yoga. I’ve learned to go with the flow. It’ll be OK.”

James Clear (known for the book Atomic Habits) wrote recently in his newsletter:

When rain falls, it flows downhill. If desired, you can collect the rain in a bucket and carry it uphill, but the natural tendency of water is to flow toward the lowest point. Most situations in life have a tendency—a direction in which things want to flow. You can choose to go against the flow (just as you can choose to carry water uphill), but your results tend to be better when you find a way to work with the gradient of the situation.

That is a good metaphor. Sometimes working against the flow is an exercise in futility.

I’m watching it snow as I write this. We are north of the big snow. We may not get even 2 inches. That is key. At two inches, the services plows our driveways. At less than two inches, we shovel. I don’t care. I am so happy that I could sell the snowblower. At the house we left, we lived on a corner. Even with the mechanical help, doing the drive and sidewalks even after only six inches or so would take some time. Scraping off an inch is just gentle exercise.

Of course, I’m fortunate to be healthy. Some people are not. That is what neighbors are for. My wife was talking with a neighbor who had a sore back from shoveling off her drive. She told her that her husband would be happy to go over and do her drive, too. (That’s what husbands are for?)

But as for me, I’ll go with the flow. Shovel or not. Serve if the need is there. Flow over or past life’s little obstacles. If we are living in the Spirit, we just flow.

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