My Day Is Over, Welcome a New Day

Someone I read last week talking about mixing young people and old people and talking to the older people said, “Don’t say ‘in my day’, your day is over.’ “

That put me in the proper mind to understand this thought from Søren Kierkegaard:

The path of an honest fighter is a difficult one. And when the fighter grows cool in the evening of his life this is still no excuse to retire into games and amusement. Whoever remains faithful to his decision will realize that his whole life is a struggle. Such a person does not fall into the temptation of proudly telling others of what he has done with his life. Nor will he talk about the “great decisions” he has made. He knows full well that at decisive moments you have to renew your resolve again and again and that this alone makes good the decision and the decision good.

Even for us older Boomers, it’s not for reliving the old days. This is a new day. New decisions. Relating to new people. Continuing to help and guide young people. Making good health and social decisions.

The one thing I miss about moving to another state and into a 55+ community is the mix of people. And no more soccer to keep me young. And my Yoga class mixed teens with 80 and even 90 somethings. I think of all the families in the community, there are only three or four not white. And, of course, no kids. No mix of cultures and ages. But as Covid winds down, there will be more opportunities.

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