I heard a message on hope yesterday. Right now I am hoping that a Lyft driver picks up my request for a ride to the airport. It’s amazing how a bit of uncertainty can affect your attitude. I have two alternatives if one doesn’t in the next 20 minutes. But still, I hope.

2,024 years ago, people in the greater Palestine area and perhaps the entire Mediterranean rim were hoping for something better. Acute spiritual hunger lodged in the hearts and minds of many people. But as always in times of change, there was no clear agreement about the form any change would take.

Jesus was born into that time of hope. But the pregnancy was unique. Word spreading that a new King was born caused fear and loathing in the heart of the current King. Jesus spent his infant and toddler years in Egypt as his parents hid out from the King.

Hardly the peace for which people hoped.

But it came. Patience plus hope wins.

Oh, and I never received confirmation that I had a Lyft driver. That company’s Website needs great improvement. I cancelled and got an Uber. I’m at the Terminal 1 Concourse C United Club en route to Florida. Although this week it will hit 60 degrees F in Illinois. Go figure.

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