Travel Weary

Yesterday was a travel day. Ride to the airport. Hang out, then board the plane. Arrive Florida and ride to the hotel. It’s not strenuous, but I am always a bit tired after a travel day. I get a little extra sleep, then I’m ready to go.

Being in Advent season, we hear about Joseph and Mary traveling from Nazareth to Bethlehem while she is about nine months pregnant. Walking and perhaps riding a donkey. No wonder she was ready to deliver when they arrived.

They had to be tired. While she is still recovering from childbirth and with Jesus not really a toddler, word comes through the rumor mill that the King wanted to kill the baby. So, another, longer, trip to Egypt for safety.

They had to be tired.

Despite the Christmas card pictures and the serene looks on the faces in the manger scenes as re-enacted, they were no doubt tired and relieved.

When I read stories in the Bible, I like to read them just like stories. Allow my imagination to enter the story and feel myself there. This story was not some philosophical exercise. It was real people facing real expectation, tiredness, worry, relief, worry again, tired again.

But they eventually returned to normal life. We don’t know when. But they did. Just so, we also endure these cycles.

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