Who Imposed Servitude On You?

The Prisoner was a 13-week series that ran on PBS in the late 60s. The hero of the story was trapped in a village with no way out. Life in the village was not necessarily cruel, but he knew that he was trapped.

He knew “Number 2” who seemed almost in charge. He kept trying to get to “Number 1”, the person ultimately responsible for trapping him in this village. During the last episode, he finally met “Number 1.” It was the hero himself. He imposed servitude upon himself.

The series asked a question that has impacted me in all that time since—where have I caused my own servitude?

Am I locked in fear? Happens to all of us, I presume.

What was the response when God met people in the Hebrew Scriptures? What seemed to be one of Jesus’ most-used phrases? Fear not. Get out of it through faith.

What else holds us in captivity due to our own decisions? Substances? Lifestyle? Pursuit of wealth? Pursuit of pleasure?

The worst kind of servitude is that which is self-imposed. It need not happen. Wake up to where you limit yourself or hurt yourself. Self-awareness is the start. Then get beyond it.

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