I’m currently cruising at 38,000 feet above Illinois en route to Houston for my first business trip (other than driving to a couple of local trade shows) since February 2020.

Put on a mask for the livery ride to the airport. Continuing through the airport to sitting on the plane.

As I sat quietly to observe my breath while sitting, I noticed that the mask boosted my awareness of breath. I can feel the exhale as a movement of warm, moist air. I feel the inhale drawing cool air through the filter of the mask material.

Awareness of breath is calming. Not that I am anxious. But after the wait for the driver, then the rather hurried flow through security followed by the long walk to the gate, then queuing for boarding, it’s time to sit quietly. Breathe. Feeling breath. Aware of life force. Aware of the spirit.

When I arrive in Houston, the awareness will remain. I’ll be open to all the new people and ideas at the conference. Relaxed and ready for work.

The pulse of life—go…pause…go.

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