We Go Different Ways on Sundays

‘Tis a strange thing, Sam, that among us people can’t agree the whole week because they go different ways upon Sundays.

George Farquhar

The county where I grew up and lived most of my life contained approximately 1 church for every 400 people. Yet, on a given weekend (Sunday), only about 20% of the people darkened the door of one of those churches.

I think there are about four Roman Catholic churches. Maybe 120 of a variety of protestant churches with more differences in theology than I could even begin to count.

And this is part of the “Bible Belt.”

There are so many churches. Yet, seemingly so few Jesus followers. It makes me pause and ponder human psychology.

But the Apostle Paul trying to herd the cats of his start-up churches back in the first century surely felt some of those same feelings. How could he keep them focused on the things that matter? How could he get them to calm their bickering? How could he convince them to be accepting of each other in all of their varieties of races, genders, ethnicities?

That is the subject of most of his writing. Let’s focus on Jesus and spiritual development. Let us not drag old baggage into the new fellowship.

That is what keeps Paul relevant every generation who must learn that first century message again.

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