I wrote yesterday about beginning the day asking what good will I do and closing the day reflecting upon what I had done. This, I suppose has some similarity with the Examen in the Ignatian tradition. But I experienced an entire day. I wonder where I did good.

I read yesterday somewhere that November is “Gratitude Month.” Maybe that is because we celebrate a holiday called Thanksgiving in November in the US. Or, maybe it is a “Hallmark Holiday” devised so that the greeting card companies can sell more cards.

Sort of like reflecting on the day and wondering where I did something good. Where did I add to someone’s pleasure or well being? Where did I support someone? Where did I fail?

Do you also have trouble sitting and listing things/people/situations for which we are grateful? Sometimes I think it’s a pretty mundane list. Trite, even. I might say health, then reflect on all the areas where my health is less than perfect (although my new massage therapist says I’m in good shape–implied, for an old guy). I go through the same plus/minus thinking for about all the gratitude items.

Maybe I need an attitude adjustment? I need to wake up to gratitude.

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