Changing Your Mind

When is the last time you changed your mind? About anything?

Go on, I’ll wait…

Maybe at a restaurant? You know you always get lasagna at this restaurant, but you sit down and change your mind ordering the linguine with clams.

How about something more major? Say you saw a person you vaguely knew across the room. You remember you don’t like that person for some reason. Maybe politics or theology or social views. Then circumstances happen that you wind up in a conversation with that person. You discover a quite delightful person with a balanced outlook, friendly, inquisitive. You change your mind. That person is really OK.

There is an old folk song, “I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back, no turning back.”

This is changing your mind.

But is there more? Perhaps.

We must not only change our mind; we must also change our behavior. Ancient wisdom says we become what we think about. We change our minds. Which changes our behavior. Which changes who we are.

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