Standing Out or Outstanding

Pink Goldfish: Defy Normal and Exploit Imperfection

I’ve offered feedback to one of the authors of this book. It came in the mail yesterday quite by surprise. It’s a book on marketing by a couple of crazy and smart guys. The idea is to succeed by standing out—your product or you yourself.

I’m offering a marketing book rather than theology or philosophy or similar because staring at it this morning, a thought struck me.

You (or your church) can stand out or you can be outstanding.

The first thoughts concerned all the outlandish ways Christians, especially in America, try to stand out. How can I make a big news splash, they ask. There are futile demonstrations. Shouting. Anger. Even hate. Sometimes shooting.

Then I thought about how the early church grew. It was by being outstanding followers of Jesus.

The first type drives most people away from Jesus. The second type is attractive.

Maybe you can succeed in marketing your product by being different by being outlandish (pink suit anyone?).

Maybe in life you succeed by being an outstanding disciple.

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