I wrote yesterday about how I need to learn to ask better questions.

There is another type of question. “What should I do? What is the best path I should take? Where should I go?”

I reflected on a few of the decisions I’ve made. I see where there were people to whom I could have gone to ask advice. Most of our personality derives as a reaction or defense to our early childhood. Certainly circumstances from my early family life drove me to the defensive posture of looking inward and being a bit of a loner. For other people, there are other reasons not to ask for help.

We moved to a new city last year. Even during the pandemic we would see neighbors at times. Asking for advice on shopping, doctors, restaurants, and the like constitute a natural response.

A saying in the book of Proverbs in the Hebrew scripture tells us to make use of many advisors to become wise.

Many times, I have been the advisor. But sometimes, I must seek for advisors of my own.

Another way to ask.

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