Asking Questions

I am remarkably poor at asking questions. I remember chemistry class in high school. Instead of asking “will this be on the test?” I asked “how do they know this?” The former question gets you on the path to an A. The latter sets up a path toward learning, but not toward a good grade.

Later in life, I became a magazine editor. There would be press conferences. I didn’t learn much about asking questions. There were always those who asked the obvious question that had actually already been answered in the presentation but the presenter was thrilled to have the opportunity to expand. There were a couple of people who answered the question they were about to ask (surely an art form). I, if interested, would want to dive deeper into how the new product worked. And…I didn’t want all my competitors to hear the question. So, I kept my peace.

I still have a problem asking good questions.

So, I heard about a book which is now on a delivery truck heading to my house, The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock.

And I will answer your question. Yes, when I receive it and digest it, I will share it.

Now, I have two interviews with CEOs this afternoon about manufacturing topics. Can I come up with some questions before the book arrives?

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