Strike a Pose

We’re taking a little vacation. The end point is to attend a memorial service for an aunt who was a special blessing to my mom. That’s in Arkansas. We’re visiting three states I’ve never been to: Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Got an early start from Huntsville, AL this morning. So, a late start on thinking.

I began noticing huge billboard advertisements for personal injury lawyers in the greater Chicago area some 20 years ago. On this trip I’ve noticed the same style through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and into Alabama. The photographer has the lawyers pose (always two) with a look of angry determination. They are showing teeth and pointing aggressively. They will go make money for us.

Side note: this is an American phenomenon. We have an oversupply of lawyers. They need to find a way to make a living. Then they prey on our human desire for unearned sudden wealth at some other person’s expense.

What I notice about the billboards is that while driving at 70 miles per hour on the expressway that face just as often looks like a toothy smile rather than gritting one’s teeth in determination.

When we strike a pose in a group or meeting or just a conversation, are we showing what we think we are? Or, maybe we’re showing our inner feelings we thought well hidden. Maybe that attorney really is smiling–all the way to the bank.

What is in the heart reveals itself through our eyes and expression. We try to mask it. We fail.

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