Science and Discovery

We’re taking a little vacation. Actually, I’m exploiting a situation. The family of one of my aunts who passed away during the pandemic has arranged a memorial service in Arkansas. I’ve never visited that state. And, I’ve never visited Alabama or Oklahoma. This seemed to be a perfect opportunity to cross three states off my list. Only one unvisited state remains (Vermont, can’t fit that one into this trip).

We are in Huntsville, Alabama adjacent to the US Science and Rocket center. This is the area where the government developed rockets at first for weapons during the War Against Fascism and then for the space program.

I’ve contemplated the achievements of science and engineering regarding exploration and discovery. I thought about exploration and discovery in the Bible–check out Abram (Abraham) who left his homeland and traveled west. And Moses who led thousands of people across a desert heading toward that same land 1,000 years later (or so). We saw Paul using the latest ship building and navigation technology spreading his message around the Mediterranean rim.

Humans are exploratory beings. We’ve always been curious about what’s around us. Some explore distant territories. Some the natural world around them. Some, the inner world where we often meet God. I’ve been on that latter journey for most of my life. It’ll never end.

What journey of discovery are you on? I hope one that benefits you, those around you, and society.

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