Is Your Attitude Lowering Your Altitude?

There was the Christian podcast. The interviewer is not polished or articulate, but the heart is pure gold. The guest a learned person. Most likely more letters following his name than I’d have ever dreamed of having.

There is something I’ve discovered about those advanced degrees, though. They are not a guarantee of anything other than the tenacity to work through the system and a lot of knowledge about a narrow field of study.

My problem was that I had not the tenacity to work through the system and I wanted to know everything about everything.

But, we didn’t come here to talk about me. Or what that learned guest knows.

It’s all about attitude.

I came away from that podcast discouraged for a bit. The guest was so negative. It’s the old thing “the world doesn’t agree with me so everything is going to hell in a handbasket.” I was thinking of donating to the charity and came away from the podcast thinking that I’ll never send another dime.

Upon reflection, though, I thought about different attitudes.

Maybe it’s where I work versus the guest. Even though I am not meeting many people in person, I work with overall the nicest, most intelligent, hard working people. And I stay far away from deep involvement in church politics. These two things reinforce my generally optimistic outlook on life.

That guest’s altitude will never get above the clouds, whereas your attitude could have you soaring. If, that is, you choose the right attitude.

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