Observe, Think, Test, Revise

This has been an unusual 16-17 months for most of the population of the world. One thing is that we have witnessed science being done in real time. And it’s a messy process. While people were looking for certainty, scientists had to follow the scientific method.

  • Observe
  • Think
  • Test
  • Revise

Everyone was caught by surprise. Observations started pouring in, but no one knew exactly what was going on with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Scientists would think about what they observed. They compared the observations with known viruses. Then they had to test the ideas. New facts inevitably came in causing revision to the ideas. And then iterate.

I hope we all learned that everything we read and heard about the situation from news outlets as disparate as The New York Times or Washington Post, or Fox or CNBC, or Facebook or Twitter was all wrong.

I don’t think I’ve met or read a journalist who really understands science. Especially when writing or speaking to an audience where the main objective it to get a story published that will attract readers. They think the more spectacular the story line, the more readers will come. Of course, more readers means happier advertisers. And so goes the wheel.

But this process helps us with our spiritual lives if we are self-aware and observant. We observe (or listen when a wise person close to us mentions an observation) and compare to where our spiritual life ought to be. We can consider what went wrong and make corrections. Then we live it out. Then we observe ourselves and our effect upon others. Are we becoming the kind of person we desire to be? Perhaps we need further course corrections.

It’s the way of growth. It’s the way of life.

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