Where Our Practices Take Us

We do things. Some things we repeat daily or several times daily. We must beware unless these little daily practices take us where we don’t wish to go.

I had my first face-to-face interview this week in 16 months. That is over a year of developing certain practices. This one is training my eyes to look at the camera on my device rather than the image of the other person on the screen. If I look at the person, it appears on the other side that I am not looking at them.

After 16 months of that practice, I discovered I was looking beside the person I was with trying to find the camera. Then I remembered the old skill of actually looking at the person.

It’s amazing how we can train ourselves not to see.

We do the same with our spiritual development. How easily we train our eyes to look away from the goal at something we think is the right way.

How important it is to be aware of our practices and not become distracted.

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