I am fully vaccinated against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. This morning I realized that I don’t feel any difference from when I was not vaccinated.

What this means is that I was given something of the disease to teach my immune system to fight the virus. The science is deeper than that, but that is enough explanation for where I’m going.

There exists a “vaccination theory” of education. We are “injected” with some education in grammar school and perhaps high school. Even many college graduates I’ve come across. And now, we are immune from education. In the words of the inimitable philosophers, Pink Floyd, “We don’t need no education.”

And it is a sad fact of life. Look at how poor is scientific understanding among the populations of the western world. Even the journalists writing about it are, on the whole, sadly lacking in basic knowledge of the scientific method and basic facts of nature that scientists have uncovered over the millennia.

I observe a vaccination theory of Christianity. Many people have received an injection of Jesus–they uttered the magic words–and now are immune from catching the spiritual disease. They do not feel they need to follow the time-proven spiritual practices of study, prayer, meditation, simple living, praise, and the like.

Jesus’ invitation was clear. “The kingdom of the heavens is here, among us, available to us right now.”

We could live a life in the kingdom following Jesus’ teachings. But that is the “disease.” We are immune.

Or, we could live past the inoculation. We could live a life of continuous learning. We could live a life in the spirit of God.

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