There Are Two Types

There are always two types. In sermons. Speeches. Makes it easy in the words of one of my professors on every test to compare and contrast.

In this case, there are two types of Christians that I want to consider. Where do you fit?

There are people who know much intellectually. They can expound at length on many things.

There are people who live a life following Jesus.

Of course, there are those who are neither. And probably a few who are both. (That would be four types? It’s amazing where thinking too much can take you…)

It is good to know intellectually. Unfortunately, it is too easy for this type to turn off those outside the group. But they grab the bulk of attention during this “attention economy.”

Best is simply living infused with the spirit. Practicing prayer, meditation, worship, study, service. These people don’t grab headlines or attention. They simply help others.

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