God’s Will

What is God’s Will?

I enjoyed Andy Stanley’s teaching series on the God of the No Testament where he looked at ways we view God and Jesus that are not in the Bible. I had thought of many of those and pondered them, but I’m no Andy Stanley and never put them into a series of teachings with a cute title.

We humans have devised many views of God’s will. We didn’t get something we wanted from Vending-Machine-God and tell ourselves, “I guess it wasn’t God’s will that I get it.” Someone dies, we say it must have been God’s will. We may ask, what is God’s will for my next job?

Some people imagine a remote, judgmental God who exerts his will on us to punish us or to drive us toward some decision.

Reading in Thomas Merton recently, I came across this thought

In all the situations of life the “will of God” comes to us not merely as an external dictate of impersonal law but above all as an interior invitation of personal love…We must learn to realize that the love of God seeks us in every situation, and seeks our good.

New Seeds of Contemplation

What a marvelous thought to digest. As in, take the thought into ourselves, ruminate on it, let it become part of ourselves giving us energy.

How did the Apostle John put it…God is Love.

Imagine how it would re-orient our attitude, our direction, our life if we could but bring that love which is God’s will into the very core of our being!

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