There was a virtual conference this week from a software company I follow. In a normal year, I would be in Folsom, California attending the conference physically. But, we all know about normal.

The company’s products tie together into different modules. One module they specifically emphasized as foundational important to understand the complete software solution was called Perspective.

I thought, “What an important word…and attitude.” In my first drawing class, the instructor taught perspective as we prepared to draw an object in 3D. It was the point of view of the observer in relation to the object. We must choose the right point of view in order to render the object for maximum information.

Sometimes we use the term as the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance. We talk about “gaining” perspective. Or perhaps said as changing our point of view to gain a better understanding.

I will teach beginning soccer referees that when players are challenging for the ball, the referee will find themselves bringing focus down to the feet and the ball. But we have to learn to broaden our perspective first to take in the entire bodies of the players and then with experience we learn to broaden our perspective still further to see several players and see the play develop until we have the challenge. We are so much more ready to determine who will be fouling whom with perspective.

And I thought, this is a human condition. We will find ourselves focusing on events or situations ever more narrowly. So much so, that we fail to see the bigger picture of motivations and who gains advantage over whom and what the likely outcomes will be.

Perhaps you’re like me and need a constant reminder that striving for God’s perspective means changing our own perspective–even if it hurts.

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