It’s A Connected World

I missed a post yesterday. There was an event for media and analyst people, and they included me. Normally we’d be in a hotel conference or meeting room. Breakfast would be served from a buffet table in the hallway outside the doors. Coffee is sometimes plentiful. Breakfast was at 7 EDT, which meant 6 am for me.

I made my own breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries and a slice of toast with direct trade coffee. Sat on my patio. And tuned in via the Internet on the newly popular Zoom.

The speakers were speaking from their living rooms or home offices from England, California, Boston, and several other geographically dispersed locations. Questions during the Q&A session were from Wisconsin, India, and other places.

With nationalism rampant in politics these days in many places (UK, US, Turkey, China, and more) business and technology continue to cross borders just like we read about in the Hebrew Bible in stories dating back 4,000 years.

Christians get caught up in the same fever of nationalism. Jesus died only for us in the [United States or fill in your own blank].

Remember that Paul said in Jesus there is no Jew or Greek. We are all the same. Men and women are all people. Americans and Chinese and Iranians and Nigerians (also fill in the blank) are all people, created by God, loved by God, and invited to live in God’s Kingdom.

I write this blog and a business/technology blog. After the US in terms of readership, the next largest group of readers on both blogs hail from Germany and China.

There’s politics, and then there’s Jesus. It’s OK to look out for the common good of your nation or city or tribe. But, we need to maintain our real focus on the greater kingdom–God’s.

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