When You Proclaim A Virtue While Hiding A Vice

I have been thinking about the early Christians. The ones from the time of the Pentecost at around 30 AD (or CE depending upon your tradition). As I read from the writings of the early apostles (Peter, Paul, James, John and so forth) and the writings that were used for teaching but not included in the “Bible”, I marvel at the searching for how to organize their lives in this new reality of the Kingdom of God.

For 300 years or so they struggled with spirituality and daily living and how to be true to this new faith.

There was the time I was shown how I am capable of all of the vices. It was a scary vision. But truthful. It’s enough not to put myself forward as the leader of some “moral crusade”.

Immediately afterward, I was shown the grace of God toward all people–every race, gender, skin color, age. That was the solution to realizing I was a sinner, but that grace is there for the asking.

We have in America another example of a fall. It should be a lesson to us of the sin of pride. And also to take care when we offer ourselves as an example of moral rectitude. When we think we are that good, we should ask what we are hiding.

I observe that it is difficult for a prideful person to ask for forgiveness, and doubly so for a prideful well known person to admit wrongdoing publicly and seek forgiveness from those who put faith in their leadership. How many examples will it take before we realize this?

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