If You Think You Can

The Shepherd finished instructing his student Hermas, a Roman Christian of the late first or early second century, in the twelve commandments of discipleship—ways of living the with-God life.

“If you follow these, you will have life,” said the Shepherd.

“But these are hard,” protested Hermas, “how is a mortal man able to follow these.”

“If you propose to yourself that they can be kept, you will keep them easily and they will not be hard. But if the idea that they cannot be kept by a human has already entered your heart, you will not keep them.”

We think psychology and positive thinking and attitude were all invented in the 20th Century. Here it is presented as ancient wisdom 2,000 years ago.

Maintain a positive attitude and living the life of repentance pleasing to God is easy. Think it is impossible, then you will never achieve. Your choice.

This is as true for surviving our current situation as for following God’s way.

Choose wisely.

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