There Are Two Spirits

Just like when I am afflicted by my allergies to pollens, my head is stuffy. I am drowsy. I cannot concentrate. I may stare into space (more than usual).

Then I rinse the allergens from my nasal passages. I am awake, alert, focused.

From ancient times we are taught about two spirits. One to beware and the other to cultivate.

The one a spirit that exalts itself and wants to have a seat of honor, and immediately is arrogant and shameless and talkative and well-acquainted with many luxuries and with many other pleasures.

The other, the divine spirit, is gentle and quiet and humble, and stays away from all evil and futile desires of this age, and considers himself poorer than others, and gives no answer to anyone when consulted unless speaking the words of God.

How do we all measure up? How about the leaders we follow? Are we challenged to change?

Flush out the allergens through study, prayer, meditation, gathering with encouraging people. Wake up.

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