Know When To Exercise Self-Control and When Not To

The Shepherd of Hermas is a book written in the early 100s or perhaps in the 90s to teach early Christians discipleship—how to live in the days, weeks, months, or years following belief in the one God and in the resurrection of Jesus.

A being dressed as a shepherd appears to Hermas, probably an early Christian in Rome, and proceeds to guide him in the Way.

This morning I read self-control. Here’s a thought for you to ponder and incorporate into your life.

“Listen,” he said, “Be self-controlled regarding evil, and do not do it; but do not be self-controlled regarding good, but do it.”

Earlier, he had talked of opening your hands in giving.

One reason the early church added to its numbers a couple of times before becoming an official religion and therefore becoming political were the times of plague in Rome and the followers of Jesus were the ones who were generous with their time, talents, and resources helping those were the victims.

Quite a challenge, and an example, for those of us who claim to be followers and disciples today!

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