Boredom Is The Precursor of Creativity

We are now many weeks into captivity, er, I mean shelter-in-place or lockdown or whatever. Even though many of us are still working (I have worked from a home office for 20 years, but I miss the coffee shop), I’m picking up vibrations of boredom from my various feeds.

Someone tweeted that boredom was an evil. Something to be avoided.

In truth, boredom lets the mind roam freely. It is in such moments that creativity thoughts well up from deep inside the mind.

I tend to be mostly serious with a dry sense of humor. But there are times…

Boredom can also lead to silliness. Just goofing around we used to say.

The very dry and logical philosopher who in later life loosened up, Ludwig Wittgenstein, wrote, “If people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.”

If ever there was a time for that, now is it.

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