Death By a Thousand Digs

John Mellencamp wrote a little ditty ’bout Jack & Diane. “Oh, yeah, life goes on, long after the thrill of livin’ is gone.”

I am out on a Saturday morning, usually driving to referee a soccer match and pass by a bar. And there are a dozen cars in the parking lot. And the unkind thought just pops into consciousness–don’t they have a life?

The teacher who started my meditations on trust (see yesterday’s post) discussed relationships. He talked about how women want love and men desire respect.

Love typically implies stability, security, someone there to listen, help, provide, get through life.

Respect is, well, respect. Looking at the opposite, it’s not constantly putting down the husband. How many couples do you see where you wonder how they stay together with the wife offering a constant stream of criticism and negativity toward her husband?

Perhaps the “thrill of livin’ is gone” when it’s killed by a thousand digs.

The spiritual disciplines of the day, mind your awareness and watch your tongue.

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