Once upon a time, I needed to hire two salespeople. I had a good track record for hiring, so I guess I got cocky.

The first guy turned out to be quite insecure. Never made a sale.

I slightly knew the second guy and should have seen the red flags. He was quite up front about going around his last three bosses to the owner or president of small companies and forcing out his boss so he could get the job. I hired him anyway. Yes, he did it to me. The caveat being that I had already seen the future, and it wasn’t with the company I was with. The market passed us by, and we were soon to be toast. So, I also had emotionally checked out.

People have said that it’s within my personality type to offer trust until someone proves me wrong. Usually I’m right. At times, like the guy above, I am burned. The thing is, I’ll probably never trust that person again. But I keep on trusting people at some level.

Other people have trouble trusting another until deep into a relationship–whether work, or friend, or romantic. Most likely there is a reason in their past that is the cause. It must be depressing to always be distrustful.

Somewhere in the middle between that person and me is a balance.

Offering some openness to trust, but with eyes wide open. Then, with experience, closing our eyes a bit to the other person’s faults while we have learned to trust.

2 Responses to “Trust”

  1. loveli7659 Says:

    I like that you gave them both a chance. although they didnt succeed. Trust is something that is lack in every aspect like you said. It does start some where… when someone disappoint you, it makes you lose trust but I often still the wrong people a try.

  2. Georganna Says:

    Great post! For me trust I God, when you are a servant you should be lead by the spirit. We need to use wisdom and pray about all things! But as God has granted us mercy, grace and forgiveness – we should extend to others! When we unable to trust and extend forgiveness we should ask God to heal our hearts and release us from the bondage and chains that are holding us captive.,

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