Oh How Inaccurate The Memory Can Be

A blogger/writer/podcaster whom I respect recently told an interviewer, “I probably throw out five bad ideas before coming up with the one I write about.”

After reading some of my stuff, you may be amazed to learn that I do about the same thing. I have an idea, consider it, dismiss it, and then go on to the next.

Worse is when I am thinking of a Bible verse or song or quote. Then, just to be safe, I research it. Oops. I discover that the verse isn’t in the Bible. The song had a totally different meaning. That person never said what I was about to quote.

We have a conversation. Someone quotes the Bible. They feel deep into their being that they are right. Even if you open the book and point it out, they will continue to believe it.

Entire political or religious movements have begun due to someone remembering a phrase inaccurately.

When I find that I’m wrong, well, I just go on to the next idea. Or morph the bad one into something better.

That response is within the personality of an Enneagram 5, which I am (mostly). But I think it is also something the other 8 personality types can do–learn to dismiss an inaccurate memory and move on.

The palest ink is better than the strongest memory. Said Pope. Or was it Swift? Or Shakespeare? I think someone famous and old said that…

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