Be Guided by the Spirit Not Driven by Ego

Ego is such a killer. It kills relationships, businesses, ministries, and eventually its carrier.

Interesting that this phrase reveals two types of actions.

In one, we are driven. We are not that actor. The actor is ego, father of pride, son of unreflected emotion.

We cannot see the havoc we are creating in our wake as we blindly forge onward satisfying our desires.

On the other hand, there is guidance. It’s a bit like stopping to ask directions when traveling in a new place.

We are in fact traveling into the new space of life unknown. We stop, ask for directions, and are guided by the Spirit.

Two different kinds of people. Two different results in life.

Don’t let it be said about you as the old Crusader observed in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, “He chose poorly.”

Choose wisely.

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