When We’ve Been Deceived

I also study nutrition. Don’t practice as well as I should, but I try.

Listened to a podcast where a nutritionist was discussing some recent research. Turns out that both sourdough bread (because it’s fermented) and Pumpernickel bread (rye flour) have many benefits to the biome and brain.

I told my wife about the podcast. She bought a loaf of Pumpernickel at the grocery.

The ingredients–wheat flour, bunch of chemicals, “less than 2% rye flour”. The dark color? Comes from molasses. Real Westphalian Pumpernickel hails from that region of Germany. It is made from rye flour in a special process with a starter similar to sourdough.

You wonder how Pepperidge Farms gets away with calling its creation Pumpernickel. Is it just the American manufactured food way of diluting real food giving you more of the calories and less of the nutrition?

Just like shopping for nutritious food, selecting teachers and leaders is the same.

Discerning who is made from the real stuff and who offers twice the hype with less of substance is crucial to a good life and deep spiritual practice.

We are so easily deceived. And social media make it so easy to spread fake facts and deceit. But before that were the TV evangelists. Before that the “Traveling Medicine Shows”.

Better to practice discernment–a key spiritual discipline. Read the fine print. Take in real food.

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