Dignity and Respect

She is a trim, properly attired sports mom enthroned in her canvas chair watching her child’s event.

Then she opens her mouth. All manner of vulgar and vile epithets spew forth directed at the person officiating the game.

He holds a position of importance within the community. Yet, his actions and attitudes towards his subordinates are well known for their meanness. “You should respect me because of my position,” he repeats.

The lack of dignity with which these people act speaks louder than any words. Who will respect them? No one!

We are each in control of our actions and attitudes which reflects the dignity with which we live.

Respect is bestowed upon us (or not) depending upon that dignity.

Acting and speaking with dignity can be a spiritual practice–meaning something we work at.

We determine our dignity; respect is earned.

We are reminded to not confuse the two.

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