Understand Desire

We see something. Maybe a picture in a magazine or online. Maybe as we are walking at a shopping center.

Suddenly our attention focuses and we are overcome with an emotion of really wanting that object. That is called desire.

Some continually give in to desire and rush out to buy.

Then we have it. Now what?

Maybe we have yielded many times, and our credit card accounts are filled.

So maybe we have enough awareness that when we have the feeling, we see it and try to suppress it. But the feeling remains just below consciousness waiting only for a trigger thought to jump right back into consciousness. It refuses to go away.

Then we awaken. We become aware of the entire scope of the situation. We can see the object. Study it. Evaluate the joy or happiness that it might bring. Or not bring.

Maybe we buy. Or maybe we don’t. But we see reality. We see that something external to us won’t really bring a change of life. They don’t bring happiness. And then awareness brings happiness along with it.

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