To Judge or Not to Judge

We all know people who exalt in pointing out the sins of others. We just love those people–not!

Jesus told us not to go around judging. After all they may only have a speck in their eye while we have a log in ours.

Matthew tells us shortly after reporting that saying with another–watch out for false prophets. Don’t fall for their words, rather look at their fruit.

Someone in our small group immediately responded, “Sounds like judging to me.”

Well, yes…and no.

We do need to know whom to trust when we meet them. Jesus never told us to be naive or stupid.

There is a lifestyle involved here.

We can be the sort of person who always puts others down, calls out their sins, tells people how bad that other person is.

Don’t be that person.

We can be the sort of person who does not fall for every “pick up line” in the book. We have our eyes wide open We look past flowery or powerful language observing instead how people act and what they have done.

One Response to “To Judge or Not to Judge”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    More like a fruit inspector 😉

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