All Are God’s Children

Jesus radically included women in his group of disciples. (See yesterday’s post with four examples.)

Paul intentionally went out to include all manner of different peoples into the movement.

Phillip witnessed to a black man.

Yet, after 2,000 years of Christianity, we still have trouble treating every human as a child created by God.

Oh, yes, bad people exist.

But everywhere you look around the entire globe people of the “home” group hate, discriminate against, and even kill other people because they don’t look the same as us, use the same language as us, eat the same foods as us, have a different gender.

We keep wishing we could just make them disappear. Or pass a law that declares them as non-people.

Yet Jesus said that loving our neighbor means helping whoever we come across, even if they are from a sub-group we were taught to hate from our earliest years. Everyone is a child of God, whom he loves.

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