Lying or Truth Telling

I recently listened to a podcast where the guest was a former government interrogator who knows the telltale signs of whether her subject is lying. It was on the Dr. Oz podcast where he interviews people and his wife is also on the show.

As they are discussing, she asked, “Have you cheated on your wife?”

“No,” he answered.

She says if you just answer simply, you are probably telling the truth. Telltale signs of lying include using the word “never” (Bill Clinton, I never had sex with…) or not directly answering the question (where have you been, followed by why do you ask) or by responding ad hominem (you always grill me, why do you attack me, etc.).

[Disclaimer: I did not watch the “Senate hearings of the century”, nor have I seen news. Doesn’t matter, does it?]

I love to see ethics professionals try to mangle words justifying lying in certain circumstances, or advising never to lie, or splitting hairs on types of lying.

The early church in its first year or so witnessed the consequences of lying. There was a couple. They sold their property and donated to the church. That is a good thing. Except, they told God and the church that they donated all of their money to the church. Except that they didn’t. It would have been OK not to give it all. But they lied to God. They were struck dead. On the spot.

That should make you stop and think.

We can get all wrapped up in a multitude of analysis about whether people in Washington DC lie. Or whether other people lie.

God is not so concerned about your opinion of others. God is concerned with the status of our hearts. Do we feel the need to lie? Why are we duplicitous? What are we going to do about it?

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