Ideas Come and Ideas Go

This blog started about 10 years ago. A pastor suggested it. I teamed with another person at the beginning. She went to seminary as a late career change, graduated, was ordained, served a couple of churches and retired.

Me? I quit my day job but still do essentially the same thing only I don’t write much for print magazines any longer. And probably have more readers now. But less money some years.

Eight years ago I decided to make this a discipline. Since I was focused on spiritual disciplines. Tried leading some small group sessions on the disciplines.

So, it became my discipline.

We need those. Disciplines, that is.

Over the 10 years, I have seen several trends come and go. A few guys started “fat blogging” where they blogged about health, nutrition, fitness, and losing weight. Their writing discipline mirrored their fitness discipline, I think. It didn’t last long.

I used to intentionally write about leadership every Friday. There were many leadership blogs I read. They are gone. I write about leadership when I see something. I don’t think leadership is any better, now, but the fad seemed to pass.

Several people wrote about productivity and self-development. A couple of them turned the blogs into businesses. Now, you have to pay to see what they write. They make incomes in 6, 7, even 8 figures. I’m still free.

I don’t even get speaking gigs.

But that is discipline. I recommend it. Seek out and read stories and studies of disciplined people. They are stories of success, health, attitude.

Oh, and the guys who went off to make a lot of money? All of a sudden I’m hearing from them again. Business must be declining. Or egos need stroking.

Jesus just said follow. And keep going. And I hate 10-year retrospectives.

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