There Is This Sowing and Reaping Thing

There’s a guy proclaiming some political opinions. Another guy disagrees. OK, so far, normal American discourse.

Then the second guy offers his opinion of the speaker’s IQ number–otherwise known as “flipping the bird” or “giving him the finger.” For sowing his opinion, he reaps a punch in the face.

Not liking that result, he complains. About getting punched. That’s what made it to national news. And I’m going like, “Dude!!! What did you expect? You engage in a vulgar and offensive gesture to a person and expect him to, like, change his mind and love you? I don’t think so.”

We’ve probably all been there. “What were you thinking?”

In my reading this morning, I was reminded of the little book from Brother Lawrence, The Practice of God’s Presence.

What if, instead of these hateful reactions to people’s comments and opinions, we actually practiced God’s presence.

After all, we are taught, if we but have eyes to see and ears to hear, that God is present everywhere.

What if we acted as if we are in the presence of God? What if we practiced bringing the temperature of the situation down–maybe to something like “you have an opinion, I have an opinion, I know yours, you know mine, now let’s go have a beer and discuss higher matters like how are the Red Sox winning so many games or like how do we practice the presence of God”?

Instead of sowing hate, maybe we sow peace?

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