The Prudent Person Hears What They Don’t Want To

I pay attention when several sources of learning come together into a common thread.

Yesterday I was thinking about a couple of articles I’d read about cognitive biases. How sometimes we just don’t see the obvious because we’re predisposed to look for something else.

Last night I was reading through my current notebook looking for themes for today’s business podcast and spotted a recent entry from an Andy Stanley teaching.

He said, “Prudent people hear what they don’t want to hear.” He was thinking of the Proverb, “When the prudent see danger, they take refuge.”

On the other hand, the simple (Proverbs is so blunt about character types!) either don’t see or don’t care to see, “The simple keep going and pay the penalty.”

Pay attention in your leadership roles. Does someone come to you with a disturbing message? How do you react? Brush it off? Or see it as smoke that could be leading to a fire? Maybe you should change directions (“take refuge”).

Perhaps you are on the board of an organization or church council or personnel committee. Are you perceptive to approaching danger? Do you ignore the warning hoping it will go away?

When the same message comes from multiple sources, this should be taken as a signal. Either to sharpen my knowledge or seek discernment to read the danger signs.

Then have the courage to act.

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