Humility Is a Grace in the Soul

As we have climbed the ladder of divine ascent with John, we have strived to inculcate the virtues and overcome the sins and emotions.

Then we came to pride–that downfall of so many.

The only thing that can conquer pride is humility. And without developing and honing humility we can not approach the higher rungs of the ladder.

I have such a heavy heart for those who had developed a public persona that helped many. But pride entered and masked the sinful underbelly of character. And they want to return to their public lives, but pride remains. Unable to develop and perfect humility, they remain in limbo.

We will show ourselves true lovers of wisdom and of God if we stubbornly run away from all possibility of aggrandizement.

How hard that is today when media gleefully builds up a “personality” and then just as gleefully tears it down. How hard to avoid self-promotion even at local levels.

Humility is a heavenly waterspout which can lift the soul from the abyss up to heaven’s height.

Humility does not mean lack of strength as the world would describe it derisively. It is a strength. Only the strong can be humble. There is an inner strength like the rebar within concrete construction.

Paradoxically the humble leader becomes the great leader.

Some men have asked how quickly they can return to the public life after the fall caused by pride. Wise advisors tell them to forget it. Humility must be deeper than show. And for some, it seems impossible to achieve.

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