Shedding The Complexity Of Life

An angry man met a dissembler. Not an honest word was shared between them.

Thus John Climacus describes a problem in life. Today we would say those who have an agenda.

Two medical doctors were discussing health. One begins to quote someone. The other interrupts, “Be careful. He is president of such-and-such organization. He has an agenda.”

The true disciple sheds complexity, exaggeration, anger. In simplicity of faith, the disciple follows in the footsteps of the master.

Not the simplicity of children, who come by it naturally.

Rather the simplicity gained by us older people who have to prod out the complexities, justifications, anger, dissembling that cloud our vision and interfere with the growth of the spirit.

I survey the world, and in every major religion I see such people as leaders. The angry, the ones who stir dissension, the ones who manipulate to gain their way.

Those who complete this 24th step of the Ladder of Divine Ascent have simplified their outlooks and simply follow the Teacher. Only through this step of purifying our thoughts can we work on the essential next step–humility.

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