Developing Character

Have you helped a young person develop a positive character trait today?

Or, have you taught hate, bigotry, sloth, whining?

When I was a teenager, someone talked me into umpiring baseball. I learned to show up on time, with the right equipment, make decisions, and hold firm in the face of constant criticism.

When we develop young soccer referees, we’re trying to do the same thing. Just add in teach a skill and help them develop it.

I still deal with far too many parents calling me about game assignments rather than the kid. But I gently encourage them to have the kid do the contacting–another life skill.

I’ve dealt with hundreds of coaches. And sets of parents. Some are, well, jerks. Maybe I’ve been there a time or two in my life, we all grow. But then you see the coach with less of his own ego on the line and more of the attitude that it’s all about the kids.

My grandson was lucky this year to get on a team with a great set of coaches and parents. Every player on the team grew in skill and confidence over the season. Losing the first game in a double-elimination tournament this weekend, they came back to win four in a row (it’s baseball, they can do that) including two on Sunday before running out of gas in their third game of the day.

What will we do today to help someone develop a positive character trait?

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