Beware the Noon-Day Demon, Listlessness

“in the morning it flourishes and is renewed; in the evening it fades and withers.” — Psalm 90:6

Sometimes there is a feeling of listlessness. No goal, no direction, no energy. According to the early Church Fathers it begins with listlessness and results in despondency, despair, and spiritual death.

They had a name–the noon-day demon.

Today, we recommend taking a nap after lunch. Many successful people took naps.

But we are talking about something more serious than a little sleepiness after a busy morning and a lunch that is probably too heavy.

When I see such people, the word I think of is “lost.” As in, lost in the woods.

They seem to drift through life. Seeking attention, but seeking in all the wrong ways.

To overcome link in John Climacus’s chain of vices, one must engage in prayer in the firm hope of the future. This is John’s thirteenth step.

As you can see, John tackles harder and harder emotions as he teaches on spiritual formation.

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