Getting Ready for the Next Action

In Getting Things Done methodology, one of the most important things is to determine and write the next action.

Yesterday I wrote about how posture influences how we feel. Posture can also prepare us for the next action.

We teach infielders in baseball to assume a posture with their feet ready to move quickly and their gloves toward the ground. Their next action most likely will be to field a ground ball. If they are in a posture to react quickly, their chances of success are enhanced. If it is a pop fly, they have time to react.

I use a pose called Downward Facing Dog in Yoga both as a pose in itself and as a transition from standing poses to poses on the mat, say plank. When we get to Downward Facing Dog, we know we are prepared for the next pose.

When I sit in a particular chair, I know that I’m there to meditate. At another chair or at my standing desk, I know the next action is work.

I also know that if I sit in another chair in my office that I won’t be reading. I’ll wind up taking a nap.

Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit calls these “cues.” If I’m an infielder in the proper posture, it cues me to be alert for a ground ball. If I’m have my book, sitting in that chair cues me to be ready to read or at my desk to study and take notes.

Choose your posture with intention. It will determine your outcome.

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