Posture Goes Before Attitude

Two people walk in the door at a gathering. You immediately judge one more competent than the other.

Perhaps you are feeling inadequate. Down.

Have you ever fought back the urge to walk over to an adolescent girl or young woman and physically pull her shoulders back and admonish her to stand straight?

I can’t count the number of meetings I’ve been in (it’s greater than the number of fingers on my hands) where I began the meeting sitting up straight and attentive only to discover 30-40 minutes in where I have slouched back to where my head is resting on the back of the chair. Guess where my energy went…

Want to change your attitude? Change your posture.

Stand up straight. Activate your abs. Bring your shoulders into proper alignment with your hips. Begin to feel more confident. Project strength.

Same with sitting. Although be careful analyzing people. One pastor criticized me for crossing my arms looking disinterested or judgmental. Actually, I was cold. Don’t crank the air conditioner thermostat down to 65 deg F. If you call a meeting, either keep it short or meaningful. Hopefully both. Or not at all.

Want to meditate? Find a posture that suits your physique. Repeat it. When you assume the posture, your mind knows to get in tune with the Spirit.

Want to pray? Open your hands. Not necessarily raising them, but if you like doing that, it’s OK. But the physical act of opening your hands relaxes you and opens you to hear God.

Your posture determines your attitude.

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