Don’t Stop Kids When They Are Skateboarding

Vacation is one of my ideal times for reading. I do have to fit it in amongst the sightseeing that my wife prefers. Although we walked almost 6 miles yesterday, the temperature was in the low 20s F and with wind chill felt like 6 F. But we also toured Anne Frank’s house and the Van Gogh museum, had Dutch pancakes, and I was hit by a car backing up (not a problem other than momentary flash of “what the heck are you doing”).

The book I finished was Jordan B. Peterson’s 12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos. The book is filled with wisdom from a practicing clinical psychologist and top rated university lecturer. He does delve deeply into mythology, brings in the New Testament, and explains much from Dostoyevsky, Nietzsche, and others. It is also humorous at times, deeply personal, and wise.

He concludes with these questions he asked of himself and a final plea:

What shall I do to strengthen my spirit? Do not tell lies, or do what you despise. What shall I do to ennoble my body? Use it only in the service of my soul. What shall I do with the most difficult of questions? Consider them the gateway to the path of life. What shall I do with the poor man’s plight? Strive through right example to lift his broken heart. What shall I do when the great crowd beckons? Stand tall and utter my broken truths.

I hope that my writing has proved useful to you. I hope it revealed things you knew that you did not know you knew. I hope the ancient wisdom I discussed provides you with strength. I hope it brightened the spark within you. I hope you can straighten up, sort out your family, and bring peace and prosperity to your community. I hope, in accordance with Rule 11 (Do not bother children when they are skateboarding), that you strengthen and encourage those who are committed to your care instead of protecting them to the point of weakness.

The skateboarding rule regards the problems generated by overprotective mothers (and sometimes fathers) who refuse to let their children grow up, develop strength, and leave the nest. This is definitely a boomer parent problem that I have dealt with on the soccer pitch and my wife in the classroom.

I have no idea where I developed the idea at a young age that the duty of a parent is to develop strong adults out of the children entrusted to us who become contributing members of society. Since they both (unfortunately 😉 ) read these thoughts, they can comment a rebuttal. The bad part is they are no longer dependent. The good part is they are no longer dependent–probably since their mid-late teens, just when developmental psychologists say they should. If you are raising kids, there are several of the rules that you should definitely read. If you are developing yourself, the entire book is for you.

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