We are vacationing in Amsterdam this week. Yesterday following a brief “power nap” we headed out to explore. The main stop was the Amsterdam Museum. Here was represented the history of Amsterdam.

This brought memories of the first half of the 20th Century. Today is a visit to Anne Frank’s house.

We in America have experienced yet another rage of angry young men (boys) with arsenals. Very quietly in the late 1800s and first half of 1900s witnessed a more widespread, but hidden, rage against people of African and Jewish heritage. Think Ku Klux Klan hangings and shootings out in the “piney woods.”

Then you come to Europe and are reminded of the very public, and thorough, rage against Jewish people. The idea once again grows that the whole thing was just fiction–like the moon landing was a fiction–perpetrated by those who would like once again to vent rage against those who are different from them.

Those of us who meditate to experience God’s presence often also experience knowledge of the depths of sin, depravity, and violence that lies within us, ready to capture our consciousness. It seems you have to understand just how much capability lies within you before you can experience truly God’s grace and enlightenment.

In the midst of finger-pointing and denial, it is instructive to us all to ponder whether we could participate in a society’s rage against others.

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