In My Mind I’m Going To

“In my mind I’m going to Carolina.” — James Taylor

Actually, in my mind I was going to Amsterdam. In a rush to get things together for the trip, in my mind I wrote a week’s worth of posts. But with the six-hour time difference, I also thought I’d have time to finish up for the week.

In reality, I’m in Chicago. I thought I had time to renew my passport after returning from Europe. I was wrong–by three days or so. Wound up staying in Chicago (where we were flying from) in order to renew my passport so that we can try again later.

Then I checked my posts. Two of the four I thought I wrote are not here. I guess it was all in my mind.

It happens to us, right? We have great memories. But we were never there.

Lawyers and courts know that the worst evidence is eye-witness testimony because our memories of events is so bad.

Happens when we quote scripture and later discover that phrase was never written there.

Two lessons.

When you’re in a hurry, you overlook or forget things.

Being there in your mind isn’t the same as being there.

(Oh, we used the time to catch up with grandkids, see Hamilton (which was fantastic), visit the art institute, and have a couple of good meals.)

One Response to “In My Mind I’m Going To”

  1. josephruizjr Says:

    LOL I guess all things work together 😉

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